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Anloga District Assembly distributes relief items to disaster victims on 19th October, 2023.

Some relief items have been delivered to some displaced residents in the Anloga districts affected by the spillage of the Akosombo Dam.

The spillage of the Akosombo Dam is causing widespread flooding with houses submerged and roads cut off in some parts of the Anloga district. The spillage of the dam has also caused significant damage to infrastructure in the affected areas. Some of the hard-hit communities included Genui, Atito, Fiaxor, Salo, Sakome, Agorbledokui, Bleamezado, Trekume, Dosukope, Benadzi, Kpordui, Suipe, Azanu, Penyito among others.

On the 19th of October, the Anloga district Assembly, acting through the NADMO office, has distributed some relief items to some of the affected communities in the district. The items included bags of rice, boxes of cooking oil, boxes of tin fish, boxes of tin tomato, bag of Sugar, bags of sachet water among others. Officials of the Assembly had indicated that although the relief items were inadequate for the over affected people, it was a first tranche delivery and that more will be delivered soon.

Previous 3rd Justice and Security Sub Committee Meeting on 17th October, 2023.

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