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Handing Over Of Project Site For 1no. 2-Storey, 6-Unit Classroom Block With Ancillary Facility At Avete Basic School On Thursday 9th March, 2023 At The School Premises.

Hon. Seth Yormewu the District Chief Executive of the Anloga District Assembly briefing the members about the purpose of gathering,  He is overwhelmed for the turn out and thanked the members for honoring his invitation. He said the kind of project for which we had gathered to witness the handover to the contractor had never been done in the district. He said Hon.

Makafui Kofi Woanyah the Regional chairman of the NPP lobbied the project for the Assembly. He again said the first location earmarked for this project was the R.C basic school at Lashibi but due to some reasons, it had to be brought to Avete basic school for its execution.

He said the sponsors for the project is Bui Power Authority (B.P.A) and that they are ever ready to see to the completion of this project once the project commences, the duration for the project is 10 calendar months.

Hon. D.C.E ceased the opportunity to express his appreciation to Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanyah for having the community at heart and working out such a project for the community. He added that per his conversation with Hon. Makafui, he is ever willing to work out on more projects for the community some of which is to develop the Avete school football field into a more modernized (Astroturf) and many more.

He said the company which is going to handle this project is Makolives Ventures Limited which is headed by Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanyah, in conclusion, he asked that the community give the contractor and his team all the cooperation needed but not to be confronting them on anything they see on site, he said whenever they see something going on at the site which they do not understand, they should either communicate to the schools headmaster or the supervising team of the Assembly which is the District Works Department.

He then handed over the drawings of the project to Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanyah, the C.E.O of Makolives Ventures Limited.

Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanyah (Contractor) having received the documents of the project also expressed his appreciation to the Hon. D.C.E and the gathering for the opportunity given him. He promised the members that he and his team are really going to speed up the project such that even before the stipulated time for the completion of the project, they would have even finished before then. All he requires from the people of the community is their maximum cooperation. He also promised the house of repainting the entire school buildings even though it is not part of the project.

Concluding, he said it is always good to brighten the corner where we find ourselves and to put all hands together for the progress and development of our community but not to be dragging each other backwards.

Togbi Dallah-Avege III, in addressing the gathering said he had nothing much to say but just to express his heartfelt gratitude to Hon. D.C.E, and Hon. NPP Regional chairman for bringing such a project to Avete considering the fact that the current state of the school isn’t in its best state, it really excites him particularly of the project, for it is going to uplift the face of the school, he once again thanked the house and all who played a greater role in ensuring that this project came to Avete.

Hon. Kenneth Beckley, the Assembly member of Kportorgbe also registered his sincere appreciation to the house, Hon. D.C.E and the NPP Regional chairman for all the efforts made in bringing such a project to Avete basic school.

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