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Publication Of Valuation Of Properties List

Publication Of Valuation Of Properties List
Subject to Regulation 8 of the Immovable Property Rate Regulation, 1975 (LI 1049), the general public is hereby informed of the availability of the property valuation list conducted in 2022 across the entire district. The list is available for public viewing at the Client Service Office of the Assembly within working hours from 8.00 am to 5.00pm. you can equally obtain the list from the various Urban, Town/Area Councils or on our website
Any person aggrieved by the valuation list on the ground of unfairness or incorrectness in the rateable value of any property included, or on the ground of the inclusion therein of any premises or omission therefrom of any premises may raise objection in writing stating his reasons for his/ her objection to the Rate Assessment Committee of the Assembly within 28 days after the date of publication of the list, in accordance with Regulation 10 of the Immovable Property Rate Regulation, 1975 (LI 1049).
We urge all property owners within the district to take this opportunity to check their property values and to seek redress of their grievances if any.
Thank you.

Hon. Seth Yormewu
(District Chief Executive)

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