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Agric Department Organized Education on Processing, Packaging & Marketing on the 28th of November, 2022.

Agric Department Anloga, Organized Education on processing, packaging, branding and Marketing at Galo on 28th November, 2022. Anloga is an agrarian district that produces vegetables such as tomato, onion, shallots and carrots. Spring onion production is also picking up steadily. These vegetables, especially tomato have a relatively short shelf life in their fresh or raw […]

Coastal Community Resilience to Climate & Diarrhoea Workshop Programme

(C2R-CD) Coastal Community Resilience to Climate and Diarrhoea Workshop programme by Environment Health Dept. UG-Legon and Anloga District Assembly on 29th June, 2022. C2R – CD ——- Coastal Community Resilience to Climate and Diarrhea was research undertaken by Institute for Environmental and Sanitation Studies of University of Ghana and funded by DANIDA in Atiteti and […]

Training Farmers on Non Traditional Agriculture on at Akpadigbor on 7th November, 2022

Agricultural activities in the Anloga District are mainly centered on vegetables such as tomato, onion, carrots, shallot and recently spring onions. A few fields are put under roots and tubers such as cassava and sweet potato. It has been observed however that other commodities could be introduced as income generating activities as well as improving […]

Ga Mantse, Asantehene make historic visit to Anlo State for Hogbetsotso festival on 6th November 2022

Asantehene and Ga Mantse made a historic visit to the Anlo State in the Volta Region to mark the 60th anniversary of the Hogbetsotso festival on the invite of the Awoamefia Togbi Sri III. The Hogbetsotso festival is remembering the Anlos escape from the rule of Togbe Agorkoli from Notsie about 400 years ago. Other […]