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Anloga District Participates In 2022 Regional Festival Of Arts And Culture Celebration

The 2022 Regional Festival of Arts and Culture was celebrated in Agogoe Lume a community in Ho Municipal on the 27th of October, 2022 The Festival was celebrated under the theme: “Reviving Patriotism, Peace and Unity through Cultural Diversity for Sustainable Development”.

The Anloga District Assembly was represented by Dodovi Cultural group from Tegbi in the Anloga District to display and reflect the rich and diverse culture of the Anlos such as misego, Adevu, Kpeglisu and many others.  There was also an Exhibitor who exhibited the various artifacts and products of the district.

According to the Volta Regional Director for Centre for National Culture (CNC), Mrs. Bernice Ann Deh-Kumah, the festival is a call to revive our lost culture, as indicated by this year’s theme. It is no doubt that our culture lays emphasis on communal values such as family, respect for the elderly, honouring traditional rulers and the importance of dignity and proper social conduct because individual conduct is seen as having impact on an entire family, social group and community at large,” Mrs. Deh-Kumah said. 

In a speech read on behalf of the Executive Director of the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Madame Janet Edna Nyame noted that the world is restructuring itself through international cross-cultural linkages and therefore NAFAC must not be limited to the usual display of pomp and pageantry. She also urged the nation to use the NAFAC’s week-long celebration to highlight the cultural practices that have helped us to promote good virtues.

” The convergence and diverse cultural and artistic activities and performances during the week-long NAFAC celebration, present us with lots of opportunities we can take advantage of as a nation to highlight those cultural practices that have helped us to promote virtues such as patriotism, peace, truthfulness and respect for the elderly among others while we seek to perfect those ones that have the tendency to retard development,” Madame Janet Edna said.

Torgbe Agbenyo IV, the Paramount Chief of Lume Traditional Area, also stated that his “greatest desire is for today’s youths to hold fast to our culture, promote it, protect it, and preserve it.”

“The youths of today are ignoring a lot of things as far as culture is concerned. The Regional Festival of Arts and Culture is one of the ways to revive our culture and heritage that is dying off slowly,” Torgbe Agbenyo IV added

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