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Anloga District Assembly Holds Consultative Meetings with its Substructures (Urban/area Councils) towards the reparation of 2022-2025 Medium term Development Plans on 21st July, 2021

The current Medium Term Development Plan of the Anloga District Assembly (adopted from its mother district-KeMA) expires in December, 2021 and this gives the District the opportunity to prepare its maiden Medium Term Development Plan for the development of the district.

Based on this and in line with the National Development Planning (Systems) Regulations, 2016, L.I.2232, the Assembly has initiated processes to prepare a successor plan, thus, 2022-2025 DMTDP which will serve as a reference document for the implementation of all programmes and projects of the District Assembly for the four-year period. The rationale is to ensure that the plans are sufficiently linked to the budget preparation cycle for implementation in 2022 and beyond.

Since the participation and engagement of citizens in decision making is the hallmark of democracy in the country, the Assembly rolled out series of community engagements to solicit for the developmental needs of the people in all the electoral areas. This was organized in all substructures of the district namely; Tegbi, Woe, Whuti-Srogboe, Dzita-Anyanui, Shime, Kome and Anloga. The consultative meeting with the various area councils started with Tegbi Area Council on 15th July, 2021 and ended Anloga Urban Council on 21st July, 2021.

The engagement with all the electoral areas was very interactive as the gathering witnessed representatives of the various Assembly Members and their Unit Committees, Chiefs, Youth Leaders, Opinion Leaders and representative of Women and people living with disabilities (PWDs). The technical support team for the plan preparation represented the Assembly and provided technical support for the process.

The team first of all presented the performance of the implementation of the old plan to the participants. This was to see the extent to which its implementation has gone, opportunities and challenges faced. It is hoped that the lessons learnt in the implementation of the old plan will guide the Assembly in the preparation and implementation of the new development plan so as to move the development of the District forward.

The technical team thereafter guided the participants to identify their felt developmental issues and helped to propose ways of meeting them.

Since community needs are many and overweight the available resources, pair-wise ranking tool was used to prioritize the issues.

With the tall list of the needs of the people, the Assembly hoped that sector agencies, development partners, Non-governmental Organizations and the Government help raise funds and the needed supports so that she can meet or implement the important needs of her people.

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