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Fumigation of Markets and other Public Places within Anloga District on 30th June 2020

As part of the measures in helping mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 in Anloga District and the country as a whole, Government has made it a point to regularly disinfect all public places frequently visited. In fulfilling this obligation, all markets including lorry parks and nearby public toilets in the Anloga District were disinfected on Tuesday and Wednesday 28th and 29th July 2020, respectively.

The Disinfestation process started from the premises of the Anloga District Assembly, where there was disinfection of all the offices in the Assembly Complex. The team moved to the Anloga Main Market where there was disinfection done in the market. Some key places that were done were the stores in the market, Anloga Lorry Park as well as the nearby Public Toilets. For the effective execution of the exercise across the District, the teams divided themselves into groups where they disinfected prominent public places in Woe and Tegbi. The Second group also disinfected places in Anyanui and its environs.

The chemical used for this disinfections exercise are Chlorine solution meant for the control of viruses and bacteria. Methods used for the disinfection process were aerial and surface disinfection.

the District Assembly thanked all stakeholders for a successful Exercise.

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